Welcome to CEECOM 2016 Tartu

Media and Communication studies: bridging disciplines, bridging countries

Contemporary developments in science and education policy signal that media and communications studies could play a central role in linking various disciplines and fields of science by helping to create new understanding about the current processes in society and by offering solutions to various problems that individuals and societies are facing today.

Therefore the 9th CEECOM conference will provide forum to exchange ideas and experiences on inter- and transdisciplinary approaches in media and communication studies.

There are several topics that are common to all countries – one could even say that some topics create bridges across countries. Therefore the conference will provide forum to discuss how to carry out (comparative) research on same topics in different countries with different cultural and socio-economic background. Can we ask: to what extent the media and communication cultures in CEECOM countries are comparable?

Fair of Ideas

In addition to traditional research papers there will be a call for “Fair of Ideas”. Researchers are asked to submit extended abstracts concerning ideas and suggestions about innovative interdisciplinary approaches (ideas, questions, methods, samples, possible obstacles) to find like-minded potential colleagues and to offer new directions for future research.